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Law is basically a rule and the layer is one who knows all that rule and he is the person who accomplish it. There is a Chinese lawyer or any other lawyer of other country there are different fields of law. Every lawyer is skilled and specialized of his own field. There is an association termed as Chinese lawyer association. All criminal defence lawyer Melbourne are member of this association even though they are from different field’s i.e. criminal lawyer, divorce lawyers, traffic lawyers and many more.

Labor lawyer is responsible to maintain the relationship between the worker and employees of an organization as they are the assets for the trade and progress of a country. It strengthens the relation between employee, employee and the union. These lawyers basically work for the employee’s rights. In case of any problem, faced by the employee, they may go to a labor lawyer. Criminal lawyer deals with the crime. Crime can be of any kind or type. Evidences are searched and recorded to keep track of a crime. Threatening and to give harm to any one by damaging the property, health and other values is under the circle of crime. Corporate lawyer deals with the business and enterprise and also checks the relationship between organizations, companies and business. International lawyer as the name refers deals with the rules which are accepted between nations. Their task is to provide safe relationships with the outer world. Property lawyer helps the civil law in understanding the property issues of the civilians. It is kept under consideration that which property is legal and which is illegal. Public layer provides a bridge way between the public and government. In case of any issue he takes the application of the public to the government. It also comprise of other fields of law as administrative law, tax law, criminal law, procedural law and also constitutional law. Constitutional lawyer defines the role and power of parliament and judiciary. Administrative lawyer checks the administration of the government agencies. Private lawyer is for civil society and it checks the relationship between different parties.

There are many famous Chinese lawyers Sydney namely Kelly Honglei Bu, Melinda Mengqiu Zhang, Lihong Li, Thomas Wei-Hua Wang, Wei Wei Jeang, Marc M Tittlebaum, Lily Nhan, Wendy Wu, Peter Loh, David Hsu, Vincent Tong, Davide Michele De Rosa, Alex Naegele,  Jiachen Lu, Fanny Cherng, Monica Steele, Charles C.H. Wu, Ron Rohde, Susan Yu, Maria Tu, Kelly Chang Rickert, Jonathan P. Bench, Victor Cheng, Daniel Lee, Yolanda González, Ruming (Catherine) Liu, Kai (Tzu-Kai) Lo, Teresa Li, Frank Xu, Hong (Cindy) Lu. These all layers belongs to different cities and different areas and specialized and skilled in their field of interest. The working experience of every lawyer is different.

Chinese layers have a team in which all the members are of different field but from the same profession. If one of the person is criminal layer then the second one will be divorce lawyer. One could be a driving lawyer or could be a traffic lawyer. Chinese layer association may also help in making contact with other layers and to be the work partner.