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Whenever a person becomes an electrician they may choose to be an industrial electrician or a commercial electrician. The commercial electricians are those electricians who after attaining the electrical license get the chance to work with different types of large companies to help provide services that will make the companies better, the commercial electrician are most times an asset to the company for which they work, they are in demand so more and more people are aiming towards developing their skills to become commercial electricians, in Australia commercial electrician are very well paid and they usually have a union that represents and protect them from their employer who sometimes rob them of their rights.

Being a commercial electrician is very dangerous and so the laws in Australia requires that only license 24 hour electricians at M.D. Industries Pty Ltd carries out certain type of electrical work in the country, the licensing of these electricians are usually done by the states, this means that a person may choose to be licensed in north of the country as they can also choose to be license in the west of the country.

All electrician in Melbourne need to abide by the health and safety regulations at are in place, this is to protect themselves while on the job, electricians should be properly dressed at all times to ensure that they do not cause danger to themselves, they must be wearing the gloves at all times, this protect them from being electrocuted when they try to find the solution to the problem, sometimes the shocks they receive may be minor and cause no damage other times it can be deadly. Sometimes the job that the commercial electrician performs is to climb upon to poles to fix an issue, this means that their feet become vulnerable and so will need to be protected.

They protect their feel by wearing the correct boots given to them, the eyes and the head also have to be protected at all times, this means wearing a hard hat and a eye wear, these garments should be made from materials that are not affected by electricity. There are many advantages of being a commercial electrician, for one the job pays, companies usually offers electricians a very competitive package one that does not only attract them to the job but also keep them, commercial electricians often gets promoted if they perform well and move up very quickly in the organization.

Another advantage is that the commercial electricians usually get to work in a variety of companies with domestic electrician services at Parramatta, these experiences gives them the opportunity to find out what suits them and what they are the best at doing. Commercial electricians are license and can be accounted for this means that companies are more likely to hire them in their organizations. When commercial electricians are on the job they have to keep a few things in mind to reduce the risk of them being hurt, they have to remember to turn all power off when trying to fix a problem. This is to ensure that they wont get electrocuted.