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How To Choose The Perfect Villa For Your Holiday

How To Choose The Perfect Villa For Your Holiday

This is more difficult to say because different kinds of people have differences in their like and dislikes. But speakingunbiasedly Ubud is now becoming the “IT “ spot ( even coming up to the same level as Kuta beach). Offering you endless opportunities to enjoy your holiday to the complete highest of its capacity.Usually, Villas are targeted toward a specific niche sector containing families, honeymoon goers and groups travelling together. Sometimes even those who crave solitude such as writers may opt for a villa over a hotel. Although hotels and hostels serve at two options on two extreme ends, Villas gives you the privacy and freedom you need to do what you please! Here are the top 3 reasons you need to consider before renting out your perfect holiday villa.

Why choose a Villa at all?

Referring back to earlier mentions of hotels and hostels as understood it does serve alternative purposes by giving you the ultimate vacation with the cosy rooms and pools to lounge whereas hostels give you the comfort of a bed and food at almost less than half the price of a hotel. Villas at a better alternative price and provides you with everything you need. One of the reasons being plenty of space especially for families with small children. Another great reason is that Villas, unlike hotels, provide with cheaper and affordable home cooked meals in comparison to hotels which provide us with buffet option.

Layouts of Villas

Each villa is designed specifically in an architectural style that coincides the culture and country of where it is situated. For example, in Bali, where each part of the house acts as its own pavilion ensuring that an open breeze can move through the house almost combining its place as one with nature. Common areas such as the kitchen, living rooms and even swimming pool are ensured to be openly aired In relation to the aspect of nature. In addition to these unique architectural designs, Ubud villas with many others always have a lotus pond in its garden to signify its one with nature and relaxing the mind with the ponds rippling water in the tropical heat. 

Naturally located villas

Many villas especially those situated in isolated tropical or landsides surrounded by mountains and forests tend to be located in a place with a view. As Ubud is known for its beautiful rainforests and the mysterious forests known as the “monkey forest”, their villas are usually set on what is called a natural contour allowing the villa to gain many views of its surroundings as possible.Of course, hotels do offer this “natural contour” by making their buildings high as possible and facilitating them with lifts and stairwells. But it can never challenge the beauty of being situated on a mountainside, this gives you endless options for rent villa Bali

Family Villas

Villas are considered family friendly because of space and privacy it gives. Many families that too on trips rent villas in Bali allowing them to enjoy the beauty of the country without worrying about their children and other relevant things when staying at a hotel.