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Propping Up An Old House

If the house you live in is old but you do not have the money for extensive repairs, there are certain things you can do to help prop it up until such time as you can do some repair work. Here are some suggestions on quick fixes to your place that will provide you with safety as well as stability.

Stabilize the Doors and Windows

These are the most dangerous structures in the house in terms of life endangerment as we spend so much time going through doors and opening windows. The first things to weaken and get attacked are the areas around hinges, so if you can get timber frame additions Perth to strengthen the frame, it would be able to hold up for a while yet. This is especially true of old houses that made everything out of heavy wood like oak and walnut.

Remove Additional Weight

As funny as it sounds, an old house can’t actually carry its own weight. If there are any later second storey additions, banisters, staircases or any structure that wasn’t originally in the plans, it’s possible that the foundation will be unable to bear the weight over time. If removal of said extra structures is out of the question, try to avoid using them as much as possible. Remove all and any heavy objects like cupboards and sideboards from them. Find alternate places to store your things. Anything that strains the framework of the house will be liable to cause damage to it and to you.

Stop the Damp

Damp and moisture are a house’s two biggest enemies. These lead to mould and fungus forming on the walls, which can lead to a musty smell at best and degradation of the walls at worst. While the proper thing to do would be to strip the plaster, stop the source of the moisture and then re-plaster and repaint the walls, it is easier to ‘fix it’ by painting the walls with weather shield rubber paint that is water resistant. Rubber paints are usually used in bathrooms to keep the walls from being splashed with water, but it can also be used inside the house to protect the walls against damp.

Safety Wiring

Another thing that goes haywire in old houses is electrical wiring. The older the house the more likely that wires have gotten frayed over time, causing all kind of shorts and fuse blowouts. Electrical damage can also cause fires. One way to quickly fix it is to use non-conducting electrical tape to tape over any frays to prevent electricity from leaking from the naked wires. Mind you, this isn’t easy to do all around the house, so this is one thing that you need to have repaired properly.

While these are cheaper and easier to do than a proper renovation, don’t forget that they are temporary, so make sure you do a complete overhaul as soon as you can.